This blog is an initiative from the nonprofit Uplifters, an online education platform for domestic workers.

Domestic workers are often very quiet, not saying much about themselves. By sharing their stories, needs and dreams, we want to bring light on the human being behind the “maid”. All the interviews are 100% authentic, coming from discussions or online questionnaires.

We edit the stories as lightly as possible to make them more readable. The interviewees have a final review of them and nothing is published without their approval. We do it for them, so they feel they are worth of attention.

We do it for their employers as well, so they can better understand them. We hope it will decrease the chances of miscommunication and dissatisfaction. We also want to encourage employers to support their domestic workers in saving and planning for their own future.

Our team working on the blog:

Marie, French.

Marie is the founder of the nonprofit Uplifters www.uplifters.community, an online education platform for domestic workers. She lived in Singapore for one year and is now living in Hong Kong.



Leeh Ann, Filipina.

Leeh Ann, who was an English teacher in the Philippines, is now working as a domestic worker in Hong Kong but her real passion is photography.



Caroline, Hong Kongese.

Caroline is a teacher and a musician.




Catherine, French.

Catherine is the founder of the Facebook Group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum) which aims to discuss employment conditions, share information, exchange opinions and improve awareness. All participants are welcome, domestic workers, employers, agents, decision-makers, or just people of convictions.  Her husband is Singaporean himself and they currently live in Great Britain.

Ranita, Indian

Ranita used to work for a bank as a business analyst and is now setting up her own business. She is a baker and a writer and lives in Singapore.